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Packaging, Loan Eligibility and Loan Analysis

Not only do our referral partners and borrowers count on us to locate the best financing for their opportunities, but we also provide loan packaging services to many of our lender relationships.

Many lenders that wish to provide SBA loans to their clients with the assistance of an SBA 7(a) or SBA 504 loan but often do not have the expertise or resources to do this in house. In these cases we provide loan packaging services and help obtain a loan Authorization from SBA on behalf of our lending partner.

In the case of a SBA 504 Loan, which is a participating loan, we guide the lender and borrower through the process to help ensure the Authorization and necessary documentation approvals are obtained from the SBA. An SBA 504 Loan requires the role of a Certified Development Company (CDC).

Start to Finish - Closing, Loan Sales and Servicing

Our expertise does not just get our borrowers and lenders the necessary approval, our expertise also ensures that the closing process is monitored and facilitated efficiently to ensure the loan closing occurs as quickly as possible. Ensuring that the loan is closed in compliance with the SBA Authorization is imperative and our team helps guide you through that process. Once a loan is approved, closed and booked we offer full back office support for 7(a) loan sales and servicing beyond the close. We can help facilitate the sale of the loan to Secondary Market Investors by getting the best bid possible on a particular loan and then preparing the required documents to help the sale happen as soon as possible.  

Monitoring and reporting for SBA compliance purposes can be tricky and with a complete complement of services we can provide support from start to finish including ongoing reporting and servicing actions on your existing portfolio. If your bank is interested in outsourcing some or all of your back office duties for 7(a) loans, give us a call. After all, we are “Your Once Source for SBA Lending!"